Can You Raise Tuna In Aquaponics?

There are many aquaponic growers out there who are wondering if they can raise Tuna in their aquaponics system. Of course, this is due to the fact that Tuna is one of the most popular fish species in every house around the world, and raising it in aquaponics would be so much fun. However, can you really raise tuna in aquaponics?

So, can you raise Tuna in aquaponics? Unfortunately, you cannot raise tuna in an aquaponic system due to several reasons that are related to both, the fish species, and the plants that you are growing in your aquaponics.

As you know, we use freshwater in our aquaponic systems. On the other hand, Tuna is an exclusive saltwater fish species that cannot live in freshwater.

There is another crucial factor that prevents Tuna from doing well in aquaculture in general which is, Tuna require huge spaces to live normally. Tuna is one of the most active fish species that require very large areas to live normally. There is a reason why Tuna spend 80% of their life span in oceans. It would be close to impossible to try and raise them in a captivating environment like that of aquaponics.

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