Best 7 Carbon Filters For Grow Tents

If this article got in front you, most probably know how critical a carbon filter is to a grow tent and you are currently wondering which carbon filter is best for your grow tent.

Here are The 7 best carbon filters for grow tents:

  • AC Infinity Grow Tent Carbon Filter
  • VIVOSUN Grow Tent Carbon Filter
  • Terrabloom Grow Tent Carbon Filter
  • iPower Grow Tent Carbon Filter
  • Mars Hydro Grow Tent Carbon Filter
  • Phresh Grow Tent Carbon Filter
  • Gorilla Grow Tent Carbon Filter

The list I mentioned above contains best-selling carbon filters in the grow tent market. All of these filters are great options to consider. However, I am going to tell you exactly why I think the iPower grow tent carbon filter provides the best value for your money.

Buying Guide: How To Select The Best Carbon Filter For Your Grow Tent?

There are a lot of similarities between carbon filters on the market nowadays to the point where it will be very difficult to differentiate them from one another.

There are 3 key rating factors that we are going to use to review each carbon filter and asses how efficient it is in absorbing odors.


Checking the price point of each carbon filter is a key role for any grower in determining the value for money.

There are carbon filters that are cheap and are more targeted toward growers with a limited budget. On the other hand, there are many filters that are designed and priced to be appealing to the high-end segment of the indoor gardening market.

A lot of growers think that they can get a longer lifespan if they bought a high-end carbon filter that does cost twice as much as another budget-friendly carbon filter. This is definitely wrong and this is why I have decided to rely on key rating factors to asses every filter.

Efficiency in eliminating odors

Efficiency in eliminating odors is the single most important evaluating factor for a carbon filter. After all the only reason we are buying a carbon filter is to protect our homes from any possible stinky smell.

Testing a carbon filter’s efficiency to eliminate odors requires doing laboratory-grade comprehensive studies for long periods of time which is extremely difficult to establish.

Lucky for us, there are ways that will allow us to determine whether a carbon filter will be effective or not in removing odors.

Before purchasing a carbon filter, you should get a closer look at the type of carbon particles used inside the carbon bed. The highest quality carbon bed is made from Australian Virgin Charcoal.

The second critical aspect that you would want to take a look at is the carbon bed thickness. As the carbon bed thickness increases, the efficiency of the filter in eliminating odors increases. This is because air needs to travel through more carbon particles, leading to better odor absorption.

The industry standard thickness is 38mm. However, some brands do provide higher quality products with a thickness of up to 46mm.

The last feature to look for in a carbon filter is the carbon bed length. When a filter has a longer carbon bed, the surface area of the carbon bed exposed to odors in the air increases, which in turn, leads to absorbing more odors.

Extra Features

In a market like indoor gardening, most of the products are going to be identical to one another in terms of design and quality.

Some companies do include specific extra features to differentiate from other products on the market. We will assess each carbon filter based on what extra features it carries.


Of course, every feature does have some downsides whether it is a quality control error or a default in the product’s design. To make the right decision, you must be aware of these aspects and that’s why we are going to point them out to you.

How To Choose The Right Carbon Filter Size For A Grow Tent

Grow Tent SizeCarbon Filter Size Best Carbon Filter
2×24-InchVIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter
3×34-InchVIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter
4×44-InchVIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter
4×88-InchAC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 8″
5×56-InchiPower 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter
10×108-InchAC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 8″
Grow Tent Carbon Filter Size Guide

Top 7 Best Carbon Filters For Grow Tents

Now that you knew what are the reviewing criteria that we are going to use and how to select the right filter size for a to grow tent, let’s dive deep into each carbon filter brand.

AC Infinity Grow Tent Carbon Filter

The AC Infinity grow tent carbon filter price is slightly more expensive than average carbon filters in the market. It costs $70 for the 6” size. The price is slightly higher considering the high-quality materials used to build this filter.

AC Infinity Carbon Filter For Grow Tent is made of high-quality aluminum housing. It has a height of 15.9 inches and a weight of 9.33 pounds. This filter is perfect for any grower who needs to bring comfort to their mind. It is a high-quality carbon filter that removes odors from your grow tent efficiently and has been working perfectly for almost all the growers that have installed it.

This filter is a good choice for a professional-grade carbon filter in a grow tent. The carbon bed thickness is 38 mm. The carbon particles are made from Australian Virgin Coal grade of RC412 at 1200+ IAV. Australian virgin coal is the most efficient type of carbon in absorbing and eliminating odors due to its high affinity to organic compounds.

One of the downsides that I didn’t like about this carbon filter is the hard aluminum flange that will make it difficult to fit or adjust any other duct for it.

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Carbon Filter


Looking for a budget-friendly carbon filter for your grow tent? Look no further than the VIVOSUN grow tent carbon filter! Made from high-quality materials, the Vivosun grow tent carbon filter is easy to install and can be used with most grow tent brands.

With a price of $60, it lies within the average price ranges currently available on the market, this filter is a great choice for those on a budget.

Extra Features

This carbon filter tends to amaze me in a couple of different ways.

Another cool feature that I absolutely love about the VIVOSUN carbon filter is its reversible flange and base. We have talked before about how reversing the flange and base could significantly extend the lifespan of any carbon filter.

Well, it seems like VIVOSUN have listened to us and they included it in their product design to make it even easier for all the growers. It sounds like you are interested to learn more about how long a carbon filter will last in a grow tent and how to make it last longer, you can check this article.

Efficiency In Eliminating Odors

The way VIVOSUN designed this filter tends to differentiate it from other competitors in several aspects. To begin with, this filter is taller than any other filter available on the market by extra 2 inches. This increases the surface area of the carbon bed in the filter which allows for more effective odors absorption.

The carbon filter is made from the industry standard +1200 IAV Australian Virgin Coal and has a carbon bed of 38mm in thickness which will guarantee an effective odor absorption process.


Of course, a great carbon filter like this will have several downsides. Carbon dust tends to get leaked a lot out of the carbon filter. You will find out about it when you are unpacking the carbon filter for the first time. Carbon dust will most probably be spread all over the packaged stuffing.

There are two aspects regarding the exhaust fan that you need to be aware of if you are going to use a VIVOSUN Grow Tent Carbon Filter: a lot of carbon dust tends to leak out into the exhaust fan.

Also, the filter will require an exhaust fan with a higher CFM than that recommended by the manufacturer. This is due to the excessive back pressure that the filter will make which will decrease the outgoing airflow.

Another downside of this carbon filter that seems to arise among several growers is that it tends to get easily clogged during the flowering stage of any growing cycle.

During the flowering stage, high relative humidity is required. However, high relative humidity will significantly increase your risk of getting your filter clogged. You can read more about how to solve the issue of a clogged carbon filter in this article.

Terrabloom Grow Tent Carbon Filter

Price Point

The Terrabloom grow tent carbon filter is one the most known carbon filters in the indoor gardening market. It comes with a price of $80 for the 6″ size filter. With a price point like this, the Terrabloom is more targeted toward the upper end of the average carbon filter market.

Built Quality

Like the rest of the carbon filters, its housing is made of a combination of aluminum and steel which plays a huge aesthetic role in its sleek design.

One of the main criteria that I found to be super beneficial when buying from a brand like Terrabloom is the taller carbon filter options.

Not only does the brand produce carbon filters with the standard industry height of 16″, but it also produces filters with a longer height that reaches 24″ and 30″. This provides more options to professional growers who are utilizing a larger growing area and in desperate need of more effective odor elimination.

Efficiency In Eliminating Odors

Unlike the previous two carbon filters, the carbon bed in a Terrabloom filter is made from Australian activated charcoal 1050 mg/g. Despite its lower carbon grading, this carbon filter does have top-notch odor-elimination capabilities.

One of the key aspects that differentiate the Terrabloom carbon filter from other brands is its 46mm carbon bed thickness. This makes it thicker than any carbon filter o the market by a whopping 8mm.


One of the cons that every grower needs to know about before considering getting this carbon filter is the inconsistent quality of the product. Users do complain about the carbon filter not working despite having the same carbon filter from the same company 2 years ago that was working fully functional with no complaints.

However, the company’s customer support team is very responsive and keen on solving any issue that arises with the company’s clients.

12.9 lbs in weight

Due to the thick carbon bed, the Terrabloom filter weighs an average of 13 lbs. Thus, you have to ensure that your grow tent’s frame can handle this weight without encountering any issues.

iPower Grow Tent Carbon Filter

Price Point

The iPower carbon filter is the perfect choice for budget-conscious grow tent users. Not only does it cost $54 to get a 6″ filter, but also it will cost you $32.5 if you get a pack of two filters together.

The iPower carbon filter is by far the best-value carbon filter that any indoor grower could buy. With the price of $65 for two filters, you could easily switch filters between growing cycles. Moreover, you can have the extra filter as a spare if anything goes the wrong way.

Alternating carbon filters between growing cycles could significantly decrease the odor levels in your grow tent. What I see happening more often is that the carbon filter’s efficiency tends to decline a lot after each growing cycle, especially the flowering stage, due to high humidity.

At the start of every growing cycle, disassemble the currently running carbon filter for cleaning and maintenance and assemble the spare filter to start your cycle with a fresh and clean smell.

Built Quality

The filter’s design includes a reversible flange and base, which helps to extend its lifespan, while the carbon filter housing is manufactured from steel for maximum sturdiness and reliability.

Efficiency In Eliminating Odors

The carbon particles packed inside are made from 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 activated carbon. Considering that this is a budget-friendly product, the carbon particle grading is more than optimal. The iPower carbon filter does its job of eliminating moderate levels of odor.


Despite the wide popularity of the iPower carbon filter, it seems to have some issues with humidity. Several users have reported that their filters got clogged prematurely, especially in high-humidity areas.

Mars Hydro Grow Tent Carbon Filter

Price Point

The Mars Hydro grow tent carbon filter has a price of $60 for the 6″. This price lies in the middle range of the available carbon filter on the market.

Built Quality

Like most carbon filters, the Mars Hydro carbon filter is manufactured from double-sided galvanized steel to give it the required durability.

Efficiency In Eliminating Odors

The Mars Hydro carbon filter contains a 1050+ Virgin Australian activated charcoal bed. The Mars Hydro seems to have compromised odor-elimination capabilities.


One of the main downsides that I dislike about the mars hydro is its short length of only 12″. This is shorter than the industry standard by 4″.

For other growers with small grow tents, it could be the perfect solution in order to save up internal space. However, for me, odor absorption efficiency is the top priority and the Mars Hydro filter doesn’t seem to fulfill it. A shorter filter length does decrease the carbon surface area that odors could pass through. As a result, the odor elimination process becomes less effective.

Phresh Grow Tent Carbon Filter

Price Point

Phresh is one of the leading brands in manufacturing carbon filters. It has been around for almost a decade and there is no indoor grower that didn’t hear the Phresh name at least once throughout his journey.

The Phresh carbon filter with a 6″ size does cost $125. With a price like this, the Phresh filter is definitely targeted toward the high-end segment of the market.

You can get an upgrade from the 16″ to the 24″ by paying a grand total of $194

The carbon filter is manufactured from aluminum and does have a sleek, silver design.

Efficiency In Eliminating Odors

This filter does have a thick activated carbon bed of 46mm thickness which is a feature few filters have in the market. The carbon particles are made from RC-48-activated, certified virgin carbon. with a carbon bed with these specifications, the odor-elimination process seems as efficient as it can get.


The phresh carbon filter is relatively expensive when compared to other options on the market. Despite being targeted at the higher-end market segment, its higher price doesn’t guarantee a longer filter lifespan.

Gorilla Grow Tent Carbon Filter

Price Point

Here it comes, the last and most expensive carbon filter that we are going to review, the Gorilla grow tent carbon filter. The Gorilla brand is known for its extremely durable and heavy-duty grow tents. The moment I knew that they have made a grow tent carbon filter, I was 100% sure that it will not disappoint me regardless of the price.

The 6-inch carbon filter does cost a whopping $200. Of course, a price like this is targeted toward the ultra-high-end segment of the market. The only available sizes are 6″ and 8″ with a standard 24″ length.

Built Quality

The gorilla grow tent is made from well-built, extremely durable aluminum housing. It’s extremely obvious that the Gorilla carbon is the strongest heavy-duty carbon filter out there with a weight of 25.2 lbs.

Extra Features

It comes with mounting hooks instead of straps. For me, this is a unique feature and almost every grow tent user was looking for this simple yet convenient feature, and no other brand seemed to notice.

Efficiency In Eliminating Odors

The Gorilla carbon bed is made with premium, activated Coconut Shell Carbon. The coconut shell carbon does have more micro-pores than other carbon particles, which gives the carbon bed 50% more surface area to absorb odors.

Although the company gave no specific details regarding the carbon bed thickness, I am 100% confident that it is thicker than most of the brands available in the market, especially with the 25.2 lbs of weight that the filter carries.

Moreover, the 24″ long bed will definitely ensure an efficient smell-elimination process due to the high carbon bed surface area.


With 25.2 lbs of weight, the Gorilla brand seems to be making a product that only fits into their heavy-duty grow tent. I am not gonna lie, a carbon filter weighing 25.2 lbs is extremely heavy.

Although heavy-duty grow tents can carry an average of 100 lbs to 150 lbs of weight, if the weight distribution is not done correctly, it can lead to serious events.

Honestly, a carbon filter that cost $200 is extremely expensive, especially when the filter’s lifespan is almost the same as other budget-friendly filters.

For me, it is more practical to get a new $50 carbon filter every 6 months, than to get a gorilla carbon filter and run it for 2 years giving into consideration that the longer a carbon filter operates, the less odor elimination efficiency it has.

Grow Tent Carbon Filter Reviews – Final Words

Carbon filters available in the market do have near identical specs and quality. When you are trying to select a carbon filter for your grow tent, look for the best value for money. The carbon filter that provides the biggest bang for your buck currently is the iPower carbon filter. With only $65 dollars, you can get two 6″ size carbon filters that you can use to switch between growing cycles.

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