Can I Sleep In The Same Room With My Grow Tent?

Setting up a grow tent in your bedroom could be a perfect solution if you are first starting and you don’t have another available space at home. When I first saw a grow tent placed inside a bedroom, it made me wonder, Can I sleep in the same room with my grow tent?

So, Can I sleep in the same room with my grow tent? As a general rule, sleeping in the same room with a grow tent that has all of its growing conditions controlled and well-maintained will not have a direct negative impact on your overall health.

A grow tent with controlled temperature, humidity, and gas levels will barely impact you if you place it in the same room where you sleep. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider before you move in with your grow tent.

How To Properly Ventilate A Grow Tent In Bedroom

Ventilation is one of the most critical conditions that must be well maintained for a grow tent to function properly. To run a grow tent safely inside a bedroom, you need to be getting the incoming air from a nearby window. Moreover, you need to get rid of the outcoming air outside of the room.

Exhaust Fan

As we all know, grow tents tend to have huge spikes in temperature, especially in the summer, which needs a proper ventilation system. If your exhaust fan brings outcoming air outside of the grow tent and directly into the room, you are more likely to run into overheating issues. By doing this, the room temperature of your bedroom could reach up to 90°F.

According to recent studies, the average optimum temperature that a human can have the best sleep is around 60°F. So, unless you would like to wake up sweaty every morning, you should connect the grow tent exhaust fan to the nearest window.

Also, making sure that your carbon filter is fully functional is super important. Any bedroom is supposed to provide a tidy and comfortable atmosphere for its owner to rest at the end of every day. An always hot and smelly bedroom will drive anyone crazy.

Supplemetnal CO2

Many growers do give their plants supplemental CO2 to maximize the growth rate of their plants during its normal photosynthesis process. External CO2 supplementation is available on the market in various forms.

Artificial Supplemental CO2 forms:

  • Liquid CO2
  • CO2 tablets
  • CO2 tank

In case that your grow tent is not properly sealed, your bedroom CO2 levels will raise dramatically. Continouse exposure to high CO2 levels will result in restlessness and difficulty in breathing.

CO2 tablets will not have a significant effect on your overall health if a gas leakage occurred from your grow tent. However, wheather you are going to use the liquid CO2 form or a CO2 tank, you need to make sure that your grow tent is properly sealed and the internal CO2 levels are kept under control.

Risk Of A Grow Tent Catching Fire Inside Bedroom

When it comes to safety, grow tents can represent a fire hazard, especially when you are planning to place it inside the bedroom. Overheating, circuit overloads and wires meltdown can all result in an absolute disaster if don’t know what you are doing.

Dealing with a grow tent fire is completely different than any other type of fire and you need to know how to manage it the right way. You can go check out the detailed article that I wrote on grow tents catching fire and how to fireproof it.

Mold Infection From A Bedroom Grow Tent

Grow tent are one of the most susceptible and favourable places for mold to grow. As a general rule, any area that has excess stagnant water and a high relative humidity will most likely favour growing mold. Don’t panic, mold is by far one of the most popular infections any indoor plant could have. It has been around for centuries.

However, mold could gradually spread throughout the room without you noticing. You will most probably find it under your grow tent if you have any type of wooden floor .

Continous exposure to does of mold spores may result in mold poisoning that will severely affect your lungs. Keeping an eye on your grow tent is crucial in this situation.

Grow Tents Get Noisy

Running a complicated indoor structure like a grow tent could get really noisy. All of the ventilation fans, dehumidfiers and other electrical equipment does produce a lot of noise.

Moreover, if you are going to use any kind of hydroponics system inside the grow tent, you have to take into account how loud an air pump could be. So, you need to figure out how are you going to silence all of these noises in order to run the grow tent indoors.



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