Putting A Grow Tent In A Garage(Everything You Need To Know)

I have seen a lot of amateur growers recently trying to come up with new creative places in their homes to place a grow tent. One of these places is the garage.

So, Can you put a grow tent in a garage? There are a wide variety of places at home where a grow tent can be placed. A garage is considered an acceptable place where you can place a grow tent if certain conditions apply.

Due to some homeowner associations disapproving of placing grow tents in the front or backyards, a lot of growers in the USA have been using their garages as safe places for their grow tents.

Placing a grow tent in your garage could be a very rewarding solution. However, you need to take into account several key factors before deciding to move forward with your plan.

Benefits of Putting A Grow Tent In A Garage

A garage could provide a great shelter for your grow tent due to many reasons.

Hard Winter Season

As we all know, winter seasons can be very hard in certain areas. When I say very hard, I talk about winter blizzards, thunderstorms, and flooding. A garage could be the best alternative to placing your grow tent outdoors.

The United States has long been known for extreme tragic events that occur in the winter season. If a grower is living in Florida or Houston texas, he could wake up one day and find his grow tent destroyed by a storm.

Moreover, states like Minnesota could reach a temperature as low as 12°F. Which makes it extremely difficult to control the temperature inside your grow tent even if it is well insulated.

Placing your grow tent inside a garage could be the single most winter-proof decision you could ever make.

Protect Grow Tent Against Pests And Insects

Outdoor grow tents could attract a lot of pests such as:

  • Aphids
  • Snails
  • Ants
  • Bugs
  • Rats

Having only two of the mentioned above pests would result in a nightmare for you. By putting your grow tent in a garage, you can easily prevent any pest from reaching your precious crops.

Secure Grow Tent From Intruders

As we all know, grow tents do contain a lot of expensive equipment such as grow lights, heaters, and ventilation systems. Having your grow tent locked up inside a garage will prevent anybody from messing around when you are away from home.

Also, you would not like it if you spend the entire month growing any of your favorite herbs, only to find out that someone had stolen it when it was fully grown.

Insulating A Garage For Grow Tent

Before moving forward with your plan, there is a critical question that you need to answer: Is Your Garage Insulated For A Grow Tent?

If your garage is already insulated, then you can proceed with your plans. However, if it is not insulated there are some decisions that you will need to make.

Why do I need to insulate A garage for a grow tent? In winter, garages could be extremely cold if not insulated correctly. This could affect the temperature inside the grow tent.

If your garage is not insulated yet, then you are left with two options. Either insulate the grow tent on its own, or build a small insulated grow room inside your garage.

In my opinion, insulating the whole garage to place a grow tent is not the most cost-efficient idea. On the other hand, insulating the grow room separately is not only cost-efficient but also more effective in keeping the grow tent temperature controlled.

How To Build A Grow Room Inside A Garage?

The following video shows an enthusiastic amateur grower who tried to make a grow room on his own.

You can either get a contractor to build up this project or do it yourself. However, the following information is important for you to know either way.

Determine The Size of The Grow Room

You need to know how many plants you are going to grow before starting to build the grow room. There are a lot of calculations and factors that go into taking this decision.

You have to take into consideration how much garage space you are willing to use. Also, whether you are going to park any vehicle inside, or use the entire garage for growing purposes.

To sum it up, you can choose between these 3 basic options:

2ft x 2ftthe capacity of up to 3 mature plants
4ft x 4ftthe capacity of up to 6 mature plants
5ft x 5ftthe capacity of more than 6 mature plants

Choose The Correct Place Inside The Garage

The most compatible place in a garage where you could build a grow room is away from the main door and any non-insulated window. Try to keep the grow room at the back of the garage.

Get The Insulation Materials

The following is a simple list of materials that you will need to build an insulated grow room inside your garage.

  • Wood Framing
  • Insulation Wall Boards
  • Insulation Tiles
  • Insulation Ceiling Panels
  • Insulation Foam

Of course, there will be some extra fixtures and tools that will pop up when you start the construction process.


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